See Me

I wrote you. Did you ever get my letter? I poured my heart out to you in words. I liquified my feelings, made them clear as water. But you still didn’t see them. Maybe you just didn’t understand or rather you were to cold hearted to care. To blind to see past the fake smile, to see what I was made of inside. You took me and twisted my mind with passive control. You were there guiding, I was there hiding. Your kisses can’t make up for the pain, so I blame you. I forgive, but never ever forget your shit.. Or that hit. That mark is left on my back, think you can make up for that?

No words suffice. No apology can bring back the time. You once were mine, but I don’t know who you are anymore. Your darkness ate me to my core. I needed more, you gave less than an effort. Little boy you don’t know what love means. Not even if it asked you to marry it. Blind face, two face. Pretty like a box of lace you threw me away without thinking twice. You never even saw me, and I don’t think you ever will. Your tying to see in the dark, with no eyes. It’s sad, but I’m not mad, not even a tad. Ha. Cause I found someone who can see me in all my color. He thinks my soul is beautiful, better than lace. The truth is in his face.


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