Love Lost

You can see the pain in my eyes
My heart like shattered pieces of glass
To sit and wonder about you can be the most endless thing I do
I never forget what you look like, never forget how your voice sounded, never forget why you made me smile.
I always remember how you made my heart feel, always remember the softness of your skin, always remember the electric feeling you gave me.
It’s been 5 months since I’ve seen you.
It’s like you left my heart with a “Vacant” sign on it and told everyone “Take care of her because I can’t right now”
I now know that deep in the darkest corners of my heart, I fell in love with you.
I care about you more than anything and would run to the ends of the earth to be with you.
I love you so I don’t know any other way to feel for you.
I can’t be a friend or just another girl.
I’ll give you my everything just to see your face again. To feel your touch again.
I don’t know what your going through, but I wish I could be there with you. Promise I would be by your side, I’ll be your ride or die.
I’ll move on with my life, find a new interest. But in the back of my mind I still compare everyone to you.
That deep little corner of my heart I feel like will always be waiting for you. Waiting for you to come back to me.
I’m so deep in love with you, I have faith in you. It’s so real for me, that’s why I know our time isn’t over yet.
I hope you can feel me, because whenever I miss you I just close my eyes. The darkness behind my eyelids turn into a cinema and there you are. Perfect as a man should be.
Do you want to stay here a little while?
Hold me close. Save me from all doubts instilled by others.
I’ll put my heart on the line for you, this has got to be real. There is no other way for me to feel.


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