Can’t Move Me

I think I have finally found my calling. What my heart has been longing for. What my mind has been yearning for. I find beauty in love, peace, and pleasure. Keep your insane lanes, swerving all over the state like you ain’t got no sense. I know what I got, substance. I know what I need, substitution from the dirty cops, the passive aggressive “non-violence”. Keep it cause I got mine. Like independence day, fireworks booming throughout the sky. My eyes look to the heavens. Even your sweet words couldn’t set me free. Even your actions couldn’t free me. So you go ahead and think I need you. Because I found what I was put on earth for. My lovely bones, not dead, but I embrace what I was put here to do. I need to speak words to you, like breath into your lungs. Like feeling sun for the first Time on your skin. Breath new life into me, like a new born baby. I found a place where my heart and soul is grounded. Growing deep roots beneath the seas. I found passion. I found freedom. I found myself.


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